I was born in 1962 in Bulgaria and I’m a mother of seven wonderful children, ages 19 to 35.

 I am an engineer but in 1995, I decided to change my career. From that point on, I dedicated my life to drawing, painting and to my family, of course.

In 2002, we settled in Montreal, Canada. Even though it was difficult to adapt to the new life, I didn’t stop drawing nor painting: I’ve always felt the necessity to create and express myself.

I do believe that my paintings emit positive, healing energy, so the more people they reach, the better.

 Since 2007 I’ve started to make regular exhibitions in Montreal.

Over the years I’ve taken many art lessons with different artists. I want to share what I’ve learned and understood so far, that’s why three years ago I began to give lessons to children and adults.

By painting and teaching others to do so, I’m looking for a way to bring more love, peace and harmony to our beautiful planet.­

Tanya Peeva – Angie

Revelations of the Invisible

by Tanya Peeva – Angie


I’d like for you to witness my spiritual quest, my search for the Immeasurable, the Absolute!
I answer the question “To be or not to be?” through my paintings which are one of my ways of being, of existing. It’s not only me who creates them; they help me to create who I am and to find myself.
My paintings are a revelation of my soul and they are gifts for all those who seek the truth and who are on the spiritual path of evolution.

I feel very privileged that I have a unique and irreplaceable friend who is actually the divine energy that I turn and I deliver through my works.
If you remain bewitched in front of a painting more than ten minutes and you feel lost in it, do not be astonished. The influence of an abstract painting on us is amazing and it goes far beyond our physical eyes. The greatest effect is that our subconscious mind can receive and transmit the exact personalized information one seeks.

My paintings bring us closer to the spiritual world where reigns harmony, peace, balance, love and freedom. They show us the way, the path each one of us must travel, leading to Eternal Light.
They help us become aware of what we are and become conscious of the fact that we are all part of a wonderful and diverse universe.
I feel like a messenger through which superior beings convey their messages to us.

When I stand in front of a canvas, I carefully listen to my subconscious mind, which is from where come the movements, gestures, forms, proportions and colors I channel in my art.
My works are stylistically different from one another, that is why on first sight one could easily say that it’s not the same person who made them. It is always me, however occasionally I feel the presence of certain artists like Picasso, Dali, Chagall, Pollock, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Jean-Paul Riopelle and so on.

Depending on the state I’m in, sometimes I paint on small canvases, but most often I feel the need to go for big surfaces.
In the very beginning I was using paint very rationally, but now I like to put more and more in certain works; it happens at times for me to literally spill paint on the canvas, which creates a very rich texture that allows me to make traces and to paint on the paint with all kinds of sticks, nozzles or whatever else I want.

Most of the time I use acrylic paint, but my passion remains oil-based paint because the possibilities that oil gives are, according to me, incredible.
I love gluing paper, sand and different materials. Sometimes I think that everything that falls into my hands needs to be glued.
The geometric forms change into irregular forms; I have no fear whatsoever to create chaos, since I can fix it later. My education as an engineer indeed has the last word. Geometry or chaos, but always in movement and vibration.
I love circles as symbols of the Infinite, of the Eternal; and spirals too because they represent the evolution towards which every human being should want to grow.
My paintings are very colorful. The colors green and white are my favorite ones. The green is the color of nature and it symbolize the harmony between the physical and the spiritual depths, and the white symbolize purity.

I will continue to paint so I can make the Invisible visible and so we can create a better world together!