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To the question “To be or not to be?”  I answer through my paintings which are one of my ways of being, of existing. It’s not only me who create them; they help me to create and to find myself.

My artwork is my soul’s revelation. It’s a gift for all those who seek the truth and who are on their path of evolution.


Here are the three little things that makes us special

Help others to take quick and right decisions

For more than several years I make often my decisions following the signs, so I can help others to take quick and right decisions.

Changes in people’s life

Thank to my work with energy and art I can make the necessary changes in people’s life – if! I have the permission to do so… But usually if someone has reached me, I’m allowed to interfere.

Ability to solve problems

And to tell it in the most concised way – I have the ability to solve problems of others in different ways.


Mother of 7 children, made her souls speaks through her paintings and her writings, in order to help as many people as possible to live the life full of joy and miracles.


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Montréal, Québec, Canada

+1 514 494 8164


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