Learn to Decode Signs from the Universe and Live a Life Full of Miracles!

  • Feeling alone and not supported?
  • Sick and tired of NOT KNOWING what path to take?
  • Whether to start a family or wait?
  • Stay in that relationship or leave?
  • Is it time to change your career?
  • Etc., etc...?

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Wednesday, May 18th, 4.30pm EST


What They Say about Me and my service


I’m often a type A person who struggles to sit through meditations (though I’ve tried), but Tanya helped me settle into a space where I’ve reconnected with my intuition to make some big life decisions. In hindsight, they were some of the best decisions I’ve made! Thank you for your gifts, Tanya.

Jessica Kotzer


As much as Tanya is gifted with what she does she is talented, she knows how to communicate and transmit the right message in the right way, you can only knows that if you experience it, I highly recommend all her services

Dali Hal


What’s Inside Sign's Webinar?

Cool step 1

Discover the magic world of hidden signs that are there to help and guide us.

Cool step 2

Learn to play a game that will give us a very important advantage to deal with real time life situation.

Cool step 3

Enjoy the freedom to follow your dreams and construct your life that way that you like it.

About the Me

Tanya Peeva-Angie

Tanya Peeva - Angie is an expert in synchronicity,

really fascinated by the signs from the Universe for more than 25 years.

Thanks to these signs, she took a path she had never expected to take.

From an electrical engineer she transitioned to an abstract artist, an art-teacher, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach, a life facilitator, and an quantum healer.

The signs brought her to places where, even in her greatest dreams, she did not think she would go: Hawaii, Egypt, London, Paris, Barcelona, Scotland, New York, Las Vegas, Colombia…

The signs also took her to seminars and trainings with some of the greatest teachers and thinkers living today - Brian Tracy, T. Harv Ecker, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Greg Braden, Joe Dispensa, Les Brown, Adam Markel, Eckhart Tole, dr. Richard Bandler, Christian Mickelsen and many others..


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Decoding Signs from the Universe

Free Event

Wednesday, May 18th, 4.30pm EST

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